Grand Hotel Union Ljubljana

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★★★★Grand Hotel Union is a 1905 landmark hotel in the heart of the charming capital city Ljubljana, Slovenia. Hotel offers a rich tradition at a premium location and modern luxury for business guests.

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Check Grand Hotel Union specialities:
►Rich tradition at premium location. 0:20
►Start your day with an extensive buffet breakfast selection. 0:21
►Charming Art & Nouveau Comfort. 0:30
►Check this bath. 0:38
►Modern luxury for business guests. 0:45
►Sophisticated and Contemporary comfort. 0:47
►Breathtaking views of Ljubljana. 0:52
►Ergonomic workplace. 0:56
►21-state-of-the-art conference & meeting halls. 0:59
►Natural daylight and innumerable variations to cater from 10 up to 800 delegates 1:06
►Grand Union Cafe - The legendary place for a coffee 1:25
►A La Carte Restaurant Smrekarjev hram 1:36
►Experience the exquisite flavors. Using products from local suppliers.1:48
►Grand service. 1:54
►The largest conference hotel in Ljubljana 2:02
►Grand Relaxation with A Grand View 2:22
►Grand Hotel Union - Hotel and Conference center (city views) 2:26

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