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Hotels in Tokyo - Japan

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Hotels in Tokyo - Japan
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As you might expect from a city this size, Tokyo offers an enormous array of places to lay your head. From traditional Japanese futons and western king-size luxury, to wacky pay-by-the-hour 'love hotels' and tiny capsule pods, there is a room to suit every budget.
As with everything else in Tokyo, the neighbourhood you choose determines the flair and flavour of your visit. However, one thing does remain a constant - hotel rooms are small, so if space is important to you, prepare to pay for it.reincarnated as a modern take on traditional Japanese hospitality. In the good old days, it hosted Eric Clapton, Tina Turner and the Beatles, and you can still find a slice of that exciting rock-pop history in its renovated Capitol Bar. Elsewhere, however, it's cool green lines, flowing water and privacy right in the heart of Tokyo.

Park Hyatt Tokyo

The Park Hyatt Tokyo's role as muse and backdrop to Coppola's Lost in Translation pushed it onto the world stage in 2003. Towering over fashionable Shinjuku, guests enter on the 41st floor and gaze across the neon-lit Tokyo sky. Art blends with sleek architecture and spacious rooms, and even the spa combines tradition and modernisation with impressive success. Plus, there's something to be said for working out in the gym that tormented Bill Murray.

Imperial Hotel

The grand dame of Tokyo's international hotels, Imperial Hotel's reputation for impeccable service can be traced back to its 1890 origins. Many changes have taken place since then however, including the unfortunate demolition of the art deco building designed by world-renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright, which had incredibly survived Tokyo's devastating 1923 earthquake.

Ryokan Shigetsu

Just minutes from Tokyo's famous Sensoji Temple, this small but beautiful ryokan is the perfect base for exploring the bustling neighbourhood of Asakusa. Bowing kimono-clad receptionists welcome you into a small but bright lobby, filled with calligraphy and Japanese nick nacks. Bedrooms are spacious with sliding doors and en-suite bathrooms, all in the simple Japanese style. A refreshing change from bland, giant hotel chains.

Ginza Yoshimizu

Tucked away in a quiet side street in Tokyo, this traditional Japanese B&B is a welcome oasis in the urban landscape of neons and giant TV screens of buzzing Ginza. With carefully selected natural materials throughout, as well as an organic restaurant on site, the emphasis here is very much on healthy living, and a return to a more traditional way of life.

Hotel Nikko Tokyo

Dubbed an 'urban resort hotel', the curved Hotel Nikko Tokyo sits in Tokyo's bustling waterfront area, right by the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition centre. Each room has a private balcony overlooking the bay, while sophisticated rooftop suites throw in private gardens and Jacuzzis. With contemporary design, pale colours, natural materials and works of art, Hotel Nikko Tokyo creates an airy feel away from the city centre.

Hotel Niwa Tokyo

Putting a funky twist into traditional Japanese-style accommodation, Hotel Niwa Tokyo provides Western-style beds but Japanese screens and gardens. Hotel Niwa Tokyo has an eye for design and although moderate in size, it creates a spacious, fresh and tranquil atmosphere. With a massage chair in the work-out room, the hotel pays attention to small details, leaving you to both relax and recharge. Towards the top of the 'cheap' price range.

Tokyo Inn
Clean and comfortable and located near Shinagawa Station, the Tokyo Inn labels itself as a budget hotel but provides more than a bare-bones, no-frills experience. The décor hasn't quite caught up with the 21st century but the facilities have, with free internet access in the lobby and connections available in some rooms.

Hotel Asia Center of Japan

Quite possibly offering the cheapest double rooms in central Tokyo, this hotel has an old-fashioned décor at an old-fashioned price. Those seeking sleek modern rooms will be left disappointed, but as a central base for a short visit, this hotel cannot be beaten. Within walking distance of the expat haven of Roppongi, and the restaurants and bars of Aoyama Itchome, guests are well placed for sightseeing.